It is difficult to describe Ferguson’s writing other than to say he draws on all his experience to paint a picture of what it is to be a human being and the great mystery of existence.

He pushes thinking to its limit, but he doesn’t push it down your throat. There is always room for levity and humour no matter how profound the subject. As he once said, “The deeper one digs, the bigger the hole.” He tries to get people to appreciate the amazing opportunity we have to be alive.

"Less as more. - One can see more walking through a neighborhood than flying around the world. One can feel more with one finger in ten minutes than with two hands in a lifetime. One can think more with ten words than with all the words in a dictionary. There can be more love in a teardrop than in a Bible."

"The sheep dogs. -  As the herd moves forward the sheep dogs will run behind any animal that is trying to go its own way. They will bark and bite the heels of the creature that dares stray from the group. Doesn’t this sound familiar to members of the higher races?"
"The fact that someone speaks five or seven languages is no guarantee that he or she has anything to say !"

"Perhaps the real mystery is that with all the information and technological advances that we have today, how can people remain so stupid ?"

"Power always decides what is moral. Passion decides what is beautiful."
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