They have said, about Ferguson's books...

Thank you for sending me the manuscript of your novel The Anthropologist. I read it with pleasure and amusement. Your hero's secretary's son is superb creation, and if what happens at the end is the second coming, then that is exactly how the second coming ought to occur, or so it seems to me.
John Coetzee,
Nobel Prize in Literature 2003

Like all great writers, Jon Ferguson is a keen observer of daily life. Where most of us might walk past a campus gardener, or a goldfish swimming circles in a bowl, his character, Lenny Fuller, encourages us to stop in our tracks and embrace the lives we sometimes fail to see or appreciate as metaphors for the greater cosmos. The Anthropologist has upended the way I think... forever.
Christine Mattison,
choreographer, American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco

"Plus j'avançais dans la lecture de l'Anthropologue, plus je redoutais l'instant où je finirais le livre. Le professeur Fuller était devenu un ami qui allait instantanément me manquer au moment de tourner la dernière page..."
Alain Affolter, physicien, Morges, Switzerland

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